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التبادل الاعلاني

    برنامج OnLine TV Live 6.3.40


    عدد الرسائل : 57
    العمر : 33
    الموقع : /starfire.ahladalil.com
    تاريخ التسجيل : 10/12/2008

    برنامج OnLine TV Live 6.3.40

    مُساهمة  Admin في الأحد فبراير 01, 2009 2:05 am

    شاهد واستمع الى محطات التلفزيون والدش من الانترنت ومن جهازك مباشرة دون الحاجه الى اطباق او كروت دش او غيرة البرنامج مجانى ويستحق التجربة والتحميل من برامج سوفت
    برنامج OnLine TV Live 6.3.40
    This application allows you to watch your favorite online programs without any additional equipment.
    Online TV Live lets you watch 3645+ free Internet TV, on demand videos and listen free online radio stations on your PC, Games and Newspapers ( +1250) on World Wide Web.

    Media Guide: 250 Full Movies, 1540 Movies trailers, +2500 Music Videos (Free and legal) you can see or download.

    Our live Television channels database is the biggest worldwide. No additional equipment required. Online TV Player support Windows Media Player and Real Player. You can play most of stream formats in this program.

    This software enables you to set the screen window to any size you want, also supporting full-screen mode.

    Here are some key features of \"OnLine TV Live\":

    · Mini player: Finally, you can work whilst the program is running in a corner of your desktop and you can listen to your favorite music or radio.

    · Local media management: You can use OnLineLive as a media player and view your stored music in your hard disk. Easily access to all your home PC\'s digital media
    files from the Media Manager. You can see your photos and documents using the Local media viewer.

    · TV Guide: Onlinelive TV guide for TV Channels and radio. Features complete program listings. TV programs, TV guide, what\'s on TV, listings, schedule, channel, programs, programming.

    · Parent control: Allows parents to select categories of sites to be blocked, or to permit contact to pre-approved channels only. You don\'t need to understand the Internet to protect your family. OnlineLive makes it easy. Protect children from potentially harmful content while preserving free speech on the internet.

    · Sports channels: Sports content. All the sport selected for you. Sports fans love to track their favorite teams and players, and now Smart Watches for ONLINELIVE allow them to do that and even more on their watch. The Smart Watch is the perfect timepiece for passionate sports fans who can\'t be there to watch the game, but still want to follow the action. Continuous updates keep you current on game times, scores, pre-game stories, post-game stories, and standings for your favorite collegiate and professional sports teams.
    برنامج OnLine TV Live 6.3.40
    شارك فى منتدياتكرابط البرنامج : برنامج OnLine TV Live
    رابط تحميل البرنامج : تحميل برنامج OnLine TV Live
    رابط صور البرنامج : صور برنامج OnLine TV Live

    تنزيل برنامج OnLine TV Live 6.3.40

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