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    CA Anti-Virus 2008


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    CA Anti-Virus 2008

    مُساهمة  Admin في الأحد فبراير 01, 2009 2:10 am

    انتى فايروس قوى لحذف وحماية الويندوز من الملفات الضرة والخبيثة البرنامج مجانى ويستحق التحميل من برامج سوفت
    CA Anti-Virus 2008
    A majority of small- and medium-sized businesses have suffered from some disruption due to security issues. With business use of the Internet increasing, it\'s hard to avoid exposure to these possible attacks. These threats include worms, viruses and other malware that may disrupt your operations, reduce productivity, violate data privacy and even lose customer confidence.

    Protect your business data and applications with CA Antivirus. This comprehensive virus management solution is inexpensive, easy to implement, manage and maintain. Unlike other antivirus products, this next generation solution has dual-scanning engines that provide double protection for your business from the front door of your network, all the way to your laptops and PDAs.

    Why do I need it?
    Viruses can bring your business to a grinding halt. So you need a complete antivirus solution to keep you up and running in the event of a virus outbreak, and to reduce your overall business risk. CA Antivirus r8 is the ideal solution, because it protects you from viruses before they enter your network, as well as those that come in from client PCs. Remember — a server can easily pass along a computer virus introduced from a client PC that isn\'t running antivirus software. But client PCs can transmit viruses without ever reaching a file server. So protecting yourself on both fronts is critical.

    With our latest release, administration is simplified via a single Web-based management console which facilitates deployment throughout heterogeneous environments and eliminates the need for end-user participation. The new console displays data in an intuitive, dashboard format, providing a complete view of the antivirus situation within your organization.

    What does it do for me?
    CA Antivirus equals superior protection for less money. It helps reduce the cost and likelihood of virus incidents. It\'s a cost-effective business investment loaded with features to protect your desktops and servers, including email servers, from a unified, web-based management console.

    CA Antivirus is supported by the CA Security Advisor Team which uses a patent-pending process for research, testing and validating
    threats while aggregating security research from more than 400 sources. Affiliated with more than 100 security organizations, the CA Security Advisor Team is the recognized “go-to” resource for up-to-the-minute threat information and has served as a trusted source to home users, global corporations and governments since 1987.
    CA Anti-Virus 2008
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    رابط تحميل البرنامج : تحميل CA Anti-Virus
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    تنزيل CA Anti-Virus 2008

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